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avocados saved*

A United Nations Economic Commssission for Europe (UNECE) campaign against food loss.


Avocado market currently over stocked by approx. 1.000 containers - more than double what the market can handle.

Current avocado crisis is worse than 2018. We predict more than 1.600.000 kg of avocado will be dumped in the coming weeks, and over 2.000 farmers will not get paid

  • COVID-19 has devastated the food market

  • Restricted outlet channels due to pandemic measures

  • Inaccurate supply and demand predictions


In cooperation with


We would like to save as much avocado as possible, by giving the consumer an opportunity to help in a 4-week campaign.


  • Pre-packed avocados will be delivered to stores, cost of EUR 0,30/500g net

  • Flexible Pricing: Retailer has autonomy to achieve highest sales

  • Retailers reports back the volume sold/saved, deducts own profit and cost, and pays difference

  • UN will publish data about saved food and social impact to consumers

  • Remunerated growers to be extracted from Global GAP certificate

  • Social media engagement with  #saveourcados

With our Flexible-pricing model, you can help us redistribute surplus avocados and benefit people, planet, profit, at minimal financial risk.


  • Pioneer activist in "in-store" anti-food loss movement

  • Engage consumers in collective action to save the suppliers of their beloved superfood

  • Showcase of true social consciousness and responsibility towards the financial security of farmers

  • Retail brand boosting that will attract social and climate conscious consumers

  • Collaborative action with UN that will boost global recognition



Project office Berlin:
+49 30 609 888 2-70

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